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Have you ever wished you had your own Airbnb style - Short Term Rental Property? Do you have a property you would like to rent as an"Airbnb"? Do you want to buy or find a property you can have and use as a short term vacation rental investment?  Get all the expertise and your questions answered here!

Consulting packages are created with your most important needs in mind and our bundled consulting packages are perfect for the best guidance and expert advice to begin your short term investment venture!

We have you covered from needing guidance to select and purchase property for short term rentals, expert investor focused Realtor® representation, or creating full investment and performance analysis on your existing property, all the way to how to have your very own Airbnb yourself - our master level experience packages will give you confidence and get your business running smoothly from the start!

Discovery Call

Free of charge

Not sure where to begin?  Let's walk through your ideas and create a clear path and plan towards your dreams becoming your new venture in short term and vacation rentals.  A short call will add needed clarity and light to your next steps.


Real Estate Investing

Selection - Analysis - Purchasing

Together, we will leverage the latest software and technology tools to educate and create full property analysis from both real estate and short term rental performance analysis.  We also offer experienced investment REALTOR® representation in Texas real estate purchases with our clients' investment goals in mind as we help shop, select, offer and negotiate property purchases.  For clients looking to invest in other states, Revenue Rental offers a strong network of specialized investment savvy agents nationwide to give all our clients the expert level of service and knowledge to acquire their investment property.


How To Convert My Property to an "Airbnb" Short Term Rental?

Already own a property and you have been considering turning your current property into an Airbnb?  This is the consulting package designed just for you.  We will create your own new business proforma, provide a property analysis for taking your property into the lucrative business of short term renting.


Owner-Operator Consulting Package

Interested in self managing your property?  This package provides you with great information to use in your planning, operations, systems and overall management to get your business started smoothly.


Real Estate Agent Consulting Package

Interested in becoming a specialist as an agent for STR real estate sales?  This package provides you with critical information to use in your planning, networking, presentations and a better understanding of the hospitality and STR world to grow your business as an STR real estate expert.

Turning visions into goals.  Turning goals into ventures.

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